Water Heater Program

Water Heater Program

Water Heater Management Program for Members only!

About the Water Heater Management Program

REA Energy Cooperative, Inc. (REA) has created a program in which members may receive a FREE water heater by just signing up for the Water Heater Management Program. This innovative program also helps control power costs for all members by reducing the amount REA must pay for purchased power. And best of all it helps reduce your family's energy expenses by giving you a new Marathon™ high efficiency electric water heater FREE!!!
By reducing the peak demand for electricity, it saves everyone money and preserves our natural resources by:

♦ Reducing the need to build additional generating stations and transmission lines

 Requiring less fossil fuels to meet peak demands

 Ensuring that everyone has enough power when needed

 Eliminating the need for REA to purchase expensive peak electricity, thus lowering your monthly electric bills


Benefits of the Water Heater Management Program
REA's Water Heater Management Program comes with the most service and support for the most convenience. Our trained service technicians are on call 24 hours a day so that you can call us anytime if your water heater malfunctions.

To enroll or receive more information, please call the Indiana Office at:
(724) 349-4800 or 1-800-211-5667.
You can also e-mail us by clicking below: