Key Personnel

Chad Carrick
President and CEO

Barry Baker
Indiana Operations Manager
Indiana Linemen, Operations, Dispatching

Erin Bauer
HR Administrator/ACRE Coordinator

Shane Cribbs
Network and Systems Manager

Dave Daugherty
Safety and Right of Way Manager

Jeff Dishong
Ebensburg Operations Supervisor
Ebensburg Linemen, Operations, Dispatching

Lisa Gardill
Finance and Accounting Manager
Finance, Accounting

Stacy Hilliard
Communications and Marketing Supervisor
Communications, Marketing

Chris Masterson
Reliability Supervisor

Patrick McAndrew
Manager of Engineering

Bryon Roland
Purchasing and Facilities Manager
Purchasing, Facilities Maintenance

Brendan Short
ROW/Forestry Supervisor

Renee Spalla
Supervisor of Consumer Services

Chris Weller
Load Management Supervisor



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